Sash Window Draught Proofing

Our sash window draught sealing system is aptly named the Fortis DS Perimeter Sealing System.

This system is fully tested, practically flawless in execution and it’s arguably the most effective system on the market to draught seal sash windows.

Our system offers the following advantages:

Retain original aesthetic appearance

We’ve built our reputation on being sash window restorers with our ethos to aim to foremost repair, renovate and retain original windows rather than replacing them. We value the aesthetic appeal of original sash windows and retaining this is of utmost priority.

Upon moving into draught proofing and joinery, we have focused our subsequent efforts with the same ethos, always endeavouring to keep original windows looking authentic, whilst offering the modern convenience that draught proofing brings.

Our Fortis DS Perimeter Sash Window Draught Sealing System was developed on this premise and we have succeeded in developing an integrated system that looks and performs superiorly.

Customised solution for period properties

The Fortis DS Perimeter Sash Window Draught Sealing System has been specifically developed with the particular challenges posed by period properties in mind.

Due to our extensive experience in the restoration of period properties windows and doors, we have managed to apply our knowledge to the traditional methods of draught proofing and customise it for our customers.

We are proud that our innovative system offers a bespoke solution to the specific needs of the period property market.

Repairs form an essential part of the system

Our clientele are discerning.

They know and realise that draught proofing sash windows without having first ensured all repairs are professionally done is nonsensical.

We won’t draught seal sash windows without first addressing the essential repairs.

Restoring function forms part of the solution

We think that our customers would like their windows to open and close properly as well.

That is why the Fortis DS Perimeter Sash Window Draught Sealing System ensures that the sashes are re-weighted, re-corded and renovated to move as smoothly as possible.

We replace pulleys if required to elevate the movement to an ever smoother plane of motion and apply special lubricants where needed.

The focus remains on restoration and longevity

Like any other system in our Fortis range of services, our main goal is to ensure the longevity of what we do.

We believe our customers want value for money when they spend their time and finances on sash window draught proofing or any other of our services.

So, we’ve added some of our restoration methods to our Fortis DS Perimeter Sash Window Draught Sealing System to ensure that the improvements we’ve made will last even longer.

Our ethos to repair, renovate and retain – for as long as possible – remains our focus in this system.

Offers an alternative to replacement

Sash windows that have not been properly sealed could cause a lot of problems like draughts, rattles, dirt ingress and high noise levels.

An accumulation of these issues could cause the home owner to consider replacing sash windows, even though the condition of the windows are fine otherwise.

The good news is that the simple installation of the Fortis DS Perimeter Sash Window Draught Sealing System would resolve all of these problems and enable the home owner to once again appreciate the charm of the original windows.

The traditional benefits of draught proofing

Our service includes all the traditional benefits that draught proofing brings namely elimination of draughts and rattles, reduced external noise levels, improved insulation and correctly balanced windows that operate smoothly.

Essentially, it drastically improves the comfort of your home and also reduces energy usage.

The service often pays for itself within a year and then starts saving around ten percent of the fuel bill in the years to come.