Old Malden was formally known as Malden till 1870. New Malden was developed two miles away in Kingston upon Thames, and therefore changed Malden to Old Malden. Old Malden has a conservation area that was created in March 1971 and covers two districts of this area. The first, St Johns’ consists of a 18th Century Manor House, a church and many fields. The other area is Plough Green which is home to a 15th century pub, 19th century cottages and a picturesque village green.

Royal borough of Kingston upon Thames


The above link takes you to the Kingston conservation page. You can find out here what the types of protection are and also more about what a conservation area is. There are steps to find out if you live in a conservation area and a list of all the conservation areas in the borough. You are also able to find out about listed buildings and ancient monuments.

To contact someone in your borough for more information you can either,

Email: development.management@kingston.gov.uk, the planning and development team

Phone: 020 8547 5002 to get through to planning

Phone: 020 8547 5000, the general number for Kingston council

Or visit: http://www.kingston.gov.uk/ , the Kingston council home page

London borough of Merton


The above link takes you to the Merton conservation area page. Here you are able to search whether your home is in a conservation area. They are all listed alphabetically and then you just select the road that you live on. The link will then give you more information such as appraisals and assessments of the area.


To contact someone in your borough for more information you can either,

Email: planning@merton.gov.uk

Phone: 020 8545 3777 for planning applications

Phone: 020 8274 4901, the general number for Merton council

Or visit: http://www.merton.gov.uk/ , the Merton council home page

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