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Our Restoration service was uniquely sculptured and moulded from all the services we offer into a process that enables our customers to have their windows professionally repaired, refurbished and decorated with the minimum disruption to their houses and schedules.

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Our team of carpenters and glazers are able to repair even the most extensively damaged or decayed timber by using modern methods and traditional know-how.

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Our joinery can produce new hardwood windows and doors to your specific requirements.

We can produce matching items and ensure they are installed into your existing frames to circumvent lengthy planning processes.

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We can draught seal your windows and doors to ensure the following benefits:

  • Elimination of draughts and rattles
  • Reduced external noise levels
  • Improved insulation
  • Correctly balanced windows that operate smoothly

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Our decorators are skilled artisans in revitalising your traditional windows back to their magnificent best.

We use only the best materials on the market ensuring top quality results.

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We can install new glass, either single or double, into your original wooden sashes to solve particular problems you may experience.

This process ensures that your original windows are retained but still benefit from the best glazing technology currently available.

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At Fortis and Hooke we are passionate about English architectural history. We focus on restoring sash windows to their former glory with innovative ideas and a remarkable grasp on traditional methods of carpentry. We endeavour to keep our customers’ best interests at heart and will always strive to deliver the most comprehensive of quality services on the market.

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We have completed thousands of successful sash window projects for both residential and commercial clients. Our previous cases can enlighten you as to what type of works we do, how we do it and whether we are the right company to solve your restoration challenge.

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Fortis and Hooke can assist with the restoration of your windows and doors anywhere within the M25, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire and Hertfordshire county areas.

We are also known to travel beyond these borders for larger projects.

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The Testimonial page will give you a good overview of what our customers say about us.

We can also put you in contact with previous customers that are willing to provide a reference on their experience of our restoration project at their home or building site.

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Fortis & Hooke is full of experienced and knowledgeable people that love writing and talking about English heritage and in particular period windows and doors.

Our blog is a great place to read more about windows, doors as well as other interesting information that might be of interest when planning a restoration project.

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In our photo gallery we have listed a few of our more challenging windows and doors as well as the results we have achieved.

The photo gallery page is a handy tool to compare the condition of your windows and doors to others we have managed to restore to their former glory and save from replacement.

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